Hi, I’m Nicole.

I’m 20-something and just trying to figure out my purpose in this life.

I have been very blessed with everything I could possibly need to succeed as a young adult. I have a great family, awesome friends, a great boyfriend, college degree and a killer job doing social media.

You might just say I have it all… And you would be WRONG.

I’m the girl still trying to figure everything out.

These are my struts and stumbles.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Pearl of wisdom: You may be trying to figure everything out, but nobody ever really does. Don’t let it drive you crazy.

    Make time for the important relationships in life, treat people with kindness and respect, never stop learning, let the crazy out a little bit at a time – not all at once, don’t buy a cheap Bar-B-Que, realize that every set back is temporary, always act with integrity, be yourself, have a plan, don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things, make peace with your past so it does not ruin the present, remember that true beauty is on the inside, never quit or give up, if you have to swallow frogs, swallow the biggest one first, be thankful for every day you get, and love like you have never been hurt…

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